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  • Sex Therapy

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    Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy where you, your partner(s) and me the therapist meet to discuss sexual issues.  All with our clothes on. Sex therapy can help with issues such as painful sex, low sex drive, high sex drive, how to communicate with your partner(s) so you are getting what you want sexually from them. High or low sex drive, sex and mental illness and anything else that you feel is causing you issues concerning your sex life. 

    As a sex therapist I have received specialized training that has allowed me to address the specific needs of my clients. I am kink and poly educated and affirming. So you will not have to worry if you are going to be judged or that you will have to spend our whole session educating your therapist and not actually doing therapy. Sex therapy is a safe space where you can talk about all of your sexual issues and show up as your authentic self. I believe in holistic sex therapy because I feel that sex impacts all aspects of life. If you are struggling in your sex life you don’t have to continue. Make an appointment with me today.